Soumil AminOwner/GM

Phone: 510-981-0321

The road to creation of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley began after my graduation from UC Davis in 2000. I began my painting career painting homes as a summer job during my college years. At the time, it wasn’t anywhere in my future to continue and create a full scale painting company. My focus was to create a successful business, which filled a void in a major industry, and provided a product which would enhance the livelihood of the people who associated with it. I knew that I wanted to create a successful business. So after graduating with a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration, I looked at different business opportunities. After extensive research, I came across CertaPro Painters. It seemed an ideal setup in an ideal market, which would allow me to realize my goals. But first, I wanted to fully understand what the painting process was like. So, I got into the trenches and learned the trade. I worked in San Diego as a painter for a year, and then moved back to San Francisco, where I honed my production management skills. At this point I decided to take what I’d learned and start my own company. Technical experience, coupled with a strong background in business development and management, and an unstoppable need to create the best painting company around, produced CertaPro Painters of Berkeley. Opening in 2004, I began creating systems and processes to ensure each job went smoothly, and all scenarios had been considered. I hired and trained a high level staff, with superior management and customer service skills to help create the company I envisioned.