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  • Our Expert Berkeley Painting Team

    Our team members are true professionals who take great pride in their work. Experience counts for a lot in the painting business, but it's how we apply that experience that makes the real CertaPro Painters difference.
    We start the planning of your project with a comprehensive estimate proposed by one of our Painting Consultants. Before work begins, clients work with the estimator and color consultants to develop ideas and inspiration for their project. Next, we assign a Job Site Supervisor and his assistant to work on the job, to ensure good planning and logistics. All work is overseen by our Production Manager and Sales staff to make sure you receive the best painting experience possible!
    We pride ourselves in not only having a fun work environment for our workers, but maintaining a tight-knit family atmosphere among our management staff. From holiday parties, paintball "stress-relieving" exercises and hanging out together outside of work, we all happily work with one another to foster good relationships on all levels.
    Meet our staff:
  • Soumil Amin

    Soumil Amin

    Owner/General Manager

    The road to creation of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley began after my graduation from UC Davis in 2000. I began my painting career painting homes as a summer job during my college years. At the time, it wasn’t anywhere in my future to continue and create a full scale painting company. My focus was to create a successful business, which filled a void in a major industry, and provided a product which would enhance the livelihood of the people who associated with it. I knew that I wanted to create a successful business.
    Thus, after graduating with a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration, I pursued which product to bring to fruition. After much research, I came across CertaPro Painters. An ideal company, in an ideal market area, which would allow me to achieve my goals. I wanted to fully understand what the painting process was like. So, I got into the trenches, learned the trade. Worked in San Diego as a painter for a year, and then moved to San Francisco, where I honed my production skills. After which I decided to carry my skills into a business of my own. Technical experience, coupled with a strong background in business development and management, and an unstoppable need to create the best painting company around, produced CertaPro Painters of Berkeley.
    Opening doors in late 2000, I began creating systems and procedures to ensure each job went smoothly, and all scenario’s had been considered. I hired and trained a high level staff, with superior management and customer service skills to help create the company I had envisioned.


    Phone: 510-981-0321

    Kevin Carter

    Kevin Carter

    Sales Manager

    Originally from a small town near Sacramento and the Bay Area, I had always dreamed of moving to Southern California. In 1996, I followed my heart and moved to San Diego, where I thoroughly enjoyed the SoCal beach culture and warm winters. Golfing, surfing and anything outdoors have always been my passion. I have always had my hand in construction, in one way or another, which is where I got my start remodeling my own properties or working on my friends’ homes. I’m an architectural nut and enjoy the craftsmanship of older homes and the contemporary details newer homes offer. I love making things beautiful and working with my hands in a small business environment, but my career had always led me down the Berkeley path.
    I’ve known Soumil since college. When I moved back to the Bay Area, I realized how much I had missed the diversity, the hubbub of the city and most importantly my family. Soumil had a great career opportunity, which was ideal for me. Everyday, I can use and hone my customer service skills, love of architecture, painting skills, and commitment to excellence. Painting a house can be a little overwhelming, but we all know that at some point it needs to be done for the preservation of your home. I’m here to assist you through the entire process, to truly understand what you’re looking for, and to not only give you a paint job, but a longstanding memorable painting experience. 


    Phone: 510-606-0104

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