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  • Kitchen Painting ideas

    Color schemes and painting ideas for your kitchen

    When homeowners decide to repaint and redecorate their kitchens, the driving force is frequently a desire to ‘brighten up the space.’ Dark wood cabinets, along with typically smaller and fewer windows, have a way of making many kitchens look cramped and constraining rather than stimulating and welcoming.

    If you’re in the mood to update your daily preparing-eating-conversation space, you've come to the right place to get fresh painting ideas. So feast your eyes on these color schemes to brighten your kitchen's appearance and please your family and friends … and you!

    Stainless steel appliances look more handsome when muted shades become the dominant wall color.(Thunderous SW 6201, Antique White SW 6119) Stainless steel appliances look more handsome when muted shades become the dominant wall color.(Grandiose SW 6404) Lighter oak cabinetry always blends well with pure white. This clean-look recipe is a sure winner in even the smallest spaces.(Marshmallow SW 7001, Honeytone SW 3116) Choosing a vibrant color introduces a festive atmosphere that immediately declares ‘we’re here to have a good time.’(Real Red SW 6868) 
A galley kitchen with rich walnut cabinetry presents a real challenge that is best addressed with light or white walls and ceiling.(Ceiling Bright White SW 7007, Quench Blue SW 6785, Bistro Walnut SW 3115)
Abundant wood cabinets will look jumbled if deep accent colors are selected as wall paint. Best to stick with neutral, natural colors to let the wood grain radiate.(Cottage Cream SW 7678, Cinnamon SW 3113) Opposites do attract when you blend coral and gray to craft a modern, sophisticated kitchen standout.(Oak Barrel SW 7714, Coral Reef SW 6606) The soft, cheerful, welcoming mood that yellows inspire consistently make for very tasteful kitchen spaces.(Yarrow SW 6669, Vital Yellow SW 6392) Even if the colors you love are somewhat subdued, you can still have a bright and cheerful kitchen with high-intensity ceiling lighting and light-reflective counters and appliances.(Turkish Coffee SW 6076, Clary Sage SW 6177) Break with tradition and use a ceiling tile accent to top off your kitchen space. Unique accents are often overlooked for kitchens but as you can see, they can really add flavor.(Sunflower SW 6678, Orangewood SW 3108)

    Time spent in the kitchen will be more satisfying with color combinations perfectly suited to your particular taste. Don’t hesitate to ask us for painting ideas, we provide free color consultation with any painting project.

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