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  • Choosing a Contractor

    What to look for when comparing Painting Companies

    So you've got some quotes for your painting project, what now? There are three main areas you should consider when selecting a painting contractor for you interior or exterior house painting project:

    1. The reputation of the companies bidding on your project.
    2. The thoroughness and completeness of written proposals.
    3. The professionalism of the estimators you met with.

    Evaluating Company Reputation

    Ask yourself these questions about each company that bid on your project:

    • Did you receive a list of references and/or addresses to drive by as examples of completed work?
    • Did you speak with any references or view completed work? What was your impression?
    • Were you able to find unbiased, unedited customer reviews or testimonials on HomeAdvisor, Angie's list or other third-party websites? Were they positive?
    • Did each estimator offer to provide copies their company's business license, proof of insurance, and workers' compensation?
    • Most defects in materials or workmanship show up in the first cycle of the seasons. Did you receive warranty information?

    The Written Proposal

    It's much more than a scribbled price on the back of a business card. The proposal will be used by the painting crew to ensure the project is completed to the agreed specification. Make sure the scope of work is clear and the pricing is understood.

    • Was the document you received a proposal or an estimate?
    • Proposals state a fixed price for the work described - unless you decide to change the scope of work, this is the total cost for your painting project. On the other hand, projects based on an estimate rarely end up matching the original bid.
    • Does each proposal accurately describe the work you want done? The scope of work discussed with the estimator?
    • Does each proposal clearly and separately list all the items to be painted, as well as any items to be excluded?
    • Does each proposal clearly list or describe the surface preparation (washing, scraping, sanding, caulking) that is included?
    • Does the proposal clearly list the paint systems to be used and how they will be applied - not just the brand of paint, but the specific line of paint? And the number of coats?
    • Does the proposal explicitly state the quoted price is for all labor, paint & materials.
    • Are 'line items' or 'options' clearly listed, explained, and priced? Is it clear whether or not they are included in the total price?
    • Are payment terms explained and are they acceptable?
    • Considering all the different quotes, are they fairly close, (+/- 15%) or are there big differences? Low pricing usually indicates something was missed or the scope was not understood. High pricing usually indicates additional preparation or the number of coats of paint is higher than the others.

    Professionalism of the Estimator - an indicator of things to come

    • Did the estimator confirm the appointment prior to arrival?
    • Did the estimator arrive at the appointed time?
    • Was the estimator corteus and offer a business card?
    • Did the estimator seek to uncover any special circumstances your project may include (working around other trades, hitting a specific timeline, help with color selection, etc?)
    • Was the estimator knowledgeable and able to explain technical items in a easily understood way?
    • Did the estimator explain the details of the painting process (wash, prep, prime, paint, inspect, cleanup) they would perform?
    • Did the estimator explain what it is like to work with the company (how the schedule is set, daily updates on progress, crew size and experience, expected duration of the project, notifying neighbors, etc?)
    • Did the estimator offer to go over the proposal in detail with you?
    • Did the estimator answer all of your questions?
    • At the end of the appointment, did you feel confident the estimator understood your needs and that their company is capable of delivering the painting project you desire?

    CertaPro Painters of Berkeley strives to meet all of the criteria listed above, for every one of our customers, and we're sure you experienced this passion for painting and customer service when we met.

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